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What if you could finance your retirement, without losing money 
to market volatility and unnecessary taxes?
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What If You Could Enjoy a 
Tax-Free Retirement?
Stop following the crowd ... you deserve to understand strategies that can change your financial future in profound ways: 
  • The LASER Fund will show you how you can keep your money safe from increased market volatility, rising taxes, and ever-growing rates of inflation.
  • ​ The LASER Fund will uncover a little-known strategy that will allow you to access the hard-earned dollars you set aside for retirement (giving you ongoing liquidity). 
  • ​The LASER Fund will explain how you can earn predictable rates of return (even if you're using the money you've set aside for things like your children's college or business capital).
  • ​The LASER Fund will reveal the tax codes (that have been there for decades) that allow your money to grow tax-deferred, accessed when you want tax-free, and transferred on to your estate completely tax-free.
  • ​The LASER Fund will teach you the secrets the world's BEST money managers know, so you can feel in control of your financial future.
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"Extremely informative, innovative and not taught in schools."
- Cherie P.
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- Kofi B.
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When you order your copy of The LASER Fund, you'll learn concepts such as:
CHAPTERS 1-3: Build a Solid Foundation
  • Fundamentals of taxes and insurance
  • What makes a prudent investment
  • Why you want liquidity, safety, rate of return, and tax advantages in your financial vehicles
CHAPTERS 4-10: Understand the Nuts-and-Bolts
  • How The LASER Fund works
  • How it plays out in illustrated scenarios
  • How it compares to other financial vehicles
CHAPTERS 11-14: Dive a Little Deeper
  • Why these proven strategies may be new to you or those you know
  • How to safeguard your approach
  • Why The LASER Fund isn’t the only strategy you want ... and how to optimize your portfolio
Want to Have a More Abundant Lifestyle During Your Retirement? 
A Personal Note from Doug Andrew:
I've seen families feel that unless they continue to work during their retirement years, they will very quickly run out of money.

I have seen adult children decimate their parents' life savings due to greed, entitlement, even addiction.

At the end of the day it comes down to this one principle...
We've written this book to provide you a path toward predictable retirement income--and predictable access to your money in the years leading up to retirement. 

Whether it's for your children's education, business capital, taking those dream vacations, or giving back, we believe life should be lived with abundance today, even while you're preparing for an abundant future.

Personal education is critical in your journey toward abundance. 

That's why we're sharing this book, free. 

We only ask that you pay for shipping and handling--then take the time to invest in yourself by reading, learning, and discovering.  

Doug Andrew
Co-Author, The LASER Fund
NY Times & WSJ Best Selling Author
Entrepreneurial and Abundant Living Coach
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We are committed to empowering others through financial education, and we look forward to helping you progress toward a bright, well-balanced financial future.
"The information presented in the seminar was eye opening material that I had not previously heard. It gave me hope that my retirement could be much better than I anticipated. I highly recommend this seminar."
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"...We wish that we would have had this information 20 or 30 years ago. Thank you, Doug, for teaching us how to manage our money intelligently."
-Gloria S.
"The seminar opened our eyes to new opportunities and techniques for preparing for the future. We also liked that it was about more than just money, but about developing a more fulfilling life."
- Renae S.
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